In 2007 I needed a revision to be made on my family trust and my attorney had recently retired. A friend recommended The Law Offices of Terence Daniel Doyle and so I contacted Terry Doyle and he provided me with a revision to my family trust that was done with very thoughtful consideration for all of the complications in my family and I was very pleased.
In 2010 my wife passed away and her estate had an unexpected complication in the form of an annuity that could not be liquidated without probate. Daniel Quane, of Doyle Quane Family Law Group, was the attorney that handled all of the estate matters and he did a magnificent job. Since 2010 Daniel Quane has handled many things for me, which includes several trusts for my grandchildren and updates to my family trust always in a prompt and efficient manner.

I am now retired but in the past I owned three businesses and had over 1000 employees and during my business life I had experience with many law firms. I rank Daniel Quane as good as the very best.

I have recommended Daniel Quane to two of my friends who also lost attorneys that had retired and they are now with Daniel Quane and very happy about it.

Stewart B.