Because of my many years of residence overseas, having a foreign national spouse and assets in two different countries and in different states in the US, my particular situation with regard to preparing an estate was, to say the least, a bit complicated. Before recommending any particular estate arrangement, Daniel took the time necessary to get to know me and thoroughly understand the particulars of my situation and after that first meeting did some research on all of our options before presenting a plan for my wife’s and my estate. I appreciated the measured and deliberate approach Daniel took.

When Daniel laid out the plan he had prepared at our next meeting and explained why it would be the best arrangement for my wife and I, his clear and detailed explanation quickly gained my confidence and support. We now have our estate plan and documents in place and rest comfortably in the knowledge that we have everything well prepared for.

We would definitely recommend Daniel to others, and we will definitely request Daniel’s services again as our circumstances change, or laws change, and require revisions in the estate plan Daniel has for us.

Jeff H.